An American Campus in an ­International City

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Geneva is over two thousand years old and since Roman times this strategically located city in the heart of Europe has functioned as an important crossroads for international trade, commerce and political affairs.  As a result, Webster University chose to establish its first international campus outside the United States in this prominent location.

Established in 1978, Webster Geneva offers Undergraduate and Graduate degree programs that attract international, cosmopolitan students.  Webster’s presence in this part of Switzerland permits our students to participate in a distinctive international education.  Geneva is home to the United Nations, many Non-Governmental Organizations, numerous multinational companies and a vibrant financial and trading center.

Geneva’s location is ideal for those who want to explore Europe.  The American-stye campus is three kilometers from France (a five minute car ride) and about a one hour drive from the Italian border.  One can easily fly directly to most major European cities from Geneva in less than one hour.  For those who prefer to stay in Switzerland, the region offers outstanding skiing in the winter and numerous activities around the lake in the summer.

With over twenty centuries of existence, Geneva has a lot to offer from a cultural perspective.  In particular, the Old Town is filled with landmarks and historical sites to discover.  One can also visit much more recent organizations such as the United Nations or the International Red Cross Museum—just two of the hundreds of institutions that have helped Geneva become the peace and humanitarian capital of the world.

Geneva’s geography, history, economy and cultural fabric all come together to make Geneva a truly International city that Webster students can benefit from in the classroom, or during their leisure time.