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Webster University Geneva Alumni Success

Venera Krliu, BA ‘05

Venera Krliu graduated from Webster University Geneva with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations, a Certificate in Refugee Studies and a double Major degree in Psychology in 2005, after which she received her Master of Business Administration degree at UACS in 2008. She became a Doctor of Philosophy in 2014.

“I was always inspired by a quote by Prof. Neil German, who used to say that you can’t dream big, unless you possess the necessary experience. Having this motto in mind, albeit the many successes I have accomplished so far, I was also able to make one of my dreams come to reality - the opening of the American High School Skopje - and this is just the beginning of a new chapter.”

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Webster University Geneva Alumni Success

Nailesh Khimji, BA ‘93

Nailesh Khimji graduated from Webster University Geneva in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts in Management with an Emphasis in Business Administration and a Certificate in Marketing. His journey at Webster Geneva strengthened his managerial and leadership skills which helped him contribute to the expansion of the family business.

“My time at Webster was instrumental in preparing the foundation that I needed to successfully integrate myself into the family business and help take it to the next level. The company has since grown over 10 fold in the last 25 years. I was fortunate from 1991-1993 to witness the new Webster campus, and to have been in such a safe and secure environment.”

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Webster University Geneva Alumni Success

Joy Isabelle Corthésy, BA ‘15

Joy Corthésy graduated from Webster University Geneva with honors and as a Scholars student. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Media Communications, a minor in Journalism and a certificate in Photojournalism. She also received the Student Leadership Award. Her experience at Webster Geneva involved being elected the President of Webster University Geneva’s Student Government Association.

“My modest success is in large part thanks to the all-encompassing experience at the Webster campus and the faculty who helped me along the way. I have fond memories of the wonderful opportunities which I had a chance to take part in.”

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Webster University Geneva Alumni Success

Mimi Partha Sarathy, MA ‘91

Mimi Sarathy completed an MA in Finance and Marketing and a Certificate in Accounting in 1991 at Webster University Geneva. She was recognized for her great success and was included on the list of “Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities.”

“Webster University Geneva is a melting pot of students from over 150 nations with teachers from all over the world. Meeting and learning from these people was indeed one of the best foundations for my future career. Everything about my experience was perfect –the beautiful pristine Geneva, the school, what I learnt, my teachers and my great friends whom I am still in touch with. It was truly magical!"

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Webster University Geneva Alumni Success

Ilia Kolochenko, BSc ‘07

Ilia Kolochenko graduated from Webster University Geneva with a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, in 2007. He is currently studying for a Master of Legal Studies (Juris Master) at Washington University in St. Louis.

“The Webster University Campus in Geneva, is a unique place where you can concentrate on your studies and self-perfection. You are not overloaded with unnecessary academic work, and you can allocate all your spare time to practical studies. I remember passing many hours in our library, reading many great books on technology to complement my daily studies.”

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Webster University Geneva Alumni Success

Lesley Karen Lawson Botez, BA ‘04

Lesley Lawson Botez completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology (with honors) at Webster University Geneva in 2004. She was a part of the Careers Counselling student programme. After Webster she earned her Magister Scientiae (Master of Science) in Psychology at Université de Geneve, and a Post-graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from Kingston University.

“I particularly enjoyed the diversity and inclusion of Webster. The small classes and attention to each student are empowering. Obtaining a BA at Webster gave me the confidence to go further in academia and launch a new career. Webster set me on my current path as a life-long learner..”

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