Success Stories

Youssef Success

"Webster Geneva expanded my intellectual horizons and provided me with a premium academic experience, which will open exciting career opportunities."

Youssef Awad '16
BS in Business Administration; BA in Management

Toma Success

"Learning at Webster Geneva is an on-going process that doesn't stop when you leave the classroom."

Toma Taylor Makoundou '16
BS in Computer Science

Zain Success

"Theory and practice complement one another, with the constant support of fascinating professors, making my time at Webster Geneva some of the most fulfilling years of my life."

Zain Abdulla '16
BA in International Relations
(Switzerland, Canada)

JP Success

"As I look back on my time at Webster, the thing that I appreciated and will miss the most is the professors. They were always ready to extend a helping hand with any issue I had and were extremely knowledgeable."

Jean Pierre (JP) Fort '16
BA in Psychology
(Peru, Switzerland)

Anna Success

"After growing up in Africa, studying towards a Bachelor in New York, our daughter Lulu enrolled in Webster Geneva’s 1-Year MBA program. At Webster, we have seen our daughter, who has a real thirst for knowledge, grow into a leader and independent thinker. Lulu particularly appreciated the diversity, the work ethic and supporting faculty who helped her become an outstanding woman with so much potential to offer the world."

Rose and Ambassador Modest Mero
Parents of Lulu Mero ’15

Anna Success

"Joy has really excelled in Webster’s small environment; the small class sizes really allowed her to grow and expand her horizons. She discovered photography as a new way for her to express herself and to expand her future career prospects as a journalist. Watching her work hard and improve herself with the help of faculty has been very fulfilling for us to witness as parents."

Kosum and Roland Corthesy
Parents of Joy Corthesy ’15

Anna Success

"During Anna’s time spent at Webster she matured both personally and professionally. As a result she has been able to start her career with confidence and eagerness, knowing that her choice had already been successfully tested in the real world. Professors of the university supplied her with the essential knowledge and skills in her fields of her interest and practical lessons helped her to get experience. Thank you Webster University!"

Andrey Martynov
Father of Anna Martynova ’15
(Russian Federation)

Tenzin Success

"For the past three years at Webster Geneva, we have seen our daughter evolve from a young girl to a woman. She has always had great things to say about her professors because she genuinely felt that they encouraged her to learn, to share, to progress and to find a path for herself. As parents, there could not have been a better gift than to see her succeed in her studies and her overall education."

Lobsang Dolma and Bhugyal Bhugyal
Parents of Tenzin Loeden ’15

Innocent Success

"Our son Innocent transferred to Webster University with two years of practical experience from another institution. After completing his first year at Webster, Innocent had become more confident and approached his studies with renewed passion. At Webster Innocent received a solid theoretical foundation as well as the practical skills which have enabled him to complete his studies successfully, as well as give him a jump start on his career."

Prosister and William Urassa
Parents of Innocent Urassa ’15

Tamir Success

"During his three years on campus, Tamir achieved great results, participated in many of the extracurricular activities the university has to offer, enjoyed the fantastic international atmosphere on campus, and at the same time developed into a humble man.  The individual guidance he received from various Webster professors and faculty members throughout these three years has been invaluable in his personal and academic growth."

Hemo C. Bensky
Father of Daniela Bensky ’11 and Tamir Bensky ’14

Victoria Success

"I would like to say how happy Victoria and we, as parents, have been with every aspect of Webster University. The location of the campus is well situated near Geneva and has an intimate feel to it. As a result Victoria has many friends from all over the world. Most importantly Victoria has grown in confidence and learned a great deal about her future work environment and career choice. We highly recommend Webster University to any parents."

Nadine and Barry McGaw
Parents of Victoria McGaw ’14
(South Africa)

Charlotte Success

"The faculty members are really first rate.  They are not only teachers, but also have plenty of professional experience to share with the students.  My daughter Charlotte has appreciated tremendously this interesting mix of theory and practice in the classroom.  The conferences that Webster organizes are very interesting too; Charlotte and Yoann often took part in them and enjoyed them a great deal."

Laurence Nuber-Davel
Mother of Charlotte Nuber ’14
(Switzerland/United Kingdom)

Stefanie Success

"Our daughters went through an inspiring transformation during their undergraduate years at Webster Geneva: their perspective widened, their curiosity brightened, and their values shone through more clearly than ever before.

We cannot help but recognize the importance of a supportive and multi-cultural learning environment in fostering their development."

Michelle and Steve Knight
Parents of Sarah Knight ’11 and Stefanie Knight ’14 (United States of America)

Emanuella Success

"As a father, I am grateful that my daughter had the opportunity to pursue her Bachelor degree in a University that is most supportive of its students.  Webster University encourages and inspires students to give their very best.  Emmanuella soared to new heights at Webster, in a perfect environment and atmosphere, bringing a lot of pride to her entire family."

Emmanuel Okyere-Bour
Father of Emmanuella Okyere-Bour

Virginia Success

"For our daughter Virginia, it has been a fascinating voyage through cultures and academics.  We were always happy to hear about her progress, her successes, and about the people she met along the way.  The backgrounds of her friends and faculty were extremely interesting and diverse, and we believe this added a lot to Virginia’s Webster University experience."

Barbara Hasenmeyer
Mother of Virginia Hasenmeyer