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Ilia Kolochenko, BSc ‘07

Ilia Kolochenko, BSc ‘07

Ilia Kolochenko, the CEO and Founder of High-Tech Bridge, is one of Webster University’s many raising stars. His company is the recipient of numerous international awards for practical usage of Machine Learning and AI in cybersecurity. Check out the website:

Kolochenko has written more than 40 publications on fighting cybercrime and forming affective strategies in improving security control. Recognized as a “Thought Leader” at the SC Media Reboot Leadership Awards 2017 and as one of the 100 personalities who “build the French speaking part of Switzerland” at the 12th annual awards ceremony of L’Hebdo Magazine, Kolochenko is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council and a columnist for CSO Online covering Application Security and Cybercrime.

Kolochenko graduated from Webster University Geneva with a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, in 2007. He is currently studying for a Master of Legal Studies (Juris Master) at Washington University in St. Louis and is scheduled to graduate this year.

“The Webster University Campus in Geneva, is a unique place where you can concentrate on your studies and self-perfection. You are not overloaded with unnecessary academic work, and you can allocate all your spare time to practical studies. I remember passing many hours in our library, reading many great books on technology to complement my daily studies. Outdoor activities are also very helpful, I still remember playing basketball with friends after long days of studies.”