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Lesley Karen Lawson Botez, BA ‘04

Lesley Karen Lawson Botez, BA ‘04

Lesley Karen Lawson Botez is a professor of Academic and Business English, Communications and Design at the EU Business School in Geneva and Montreux. Her professional career covers three fields: communications, psychology and design. She began in communications at Saatchi and Saatchi before founding her marketing communications agency, specialized in Geneva-based multinationals. She implemented and created multilingual advertising campaigns for industrial, cosmetic and watch companies and contributed articles to the Financial Times, Time magazine and Swiss News. Looking for a bank as a client, she was hired to set up the Communications Department of Republic National Bank, becoming Director of Internal and External Communications. She was subsequently appointed Manager of Field Publications for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

An award-winning non-fiction writer, her book “Holding out for a Hero, Five Steps to Marriage Over 40,” was inspired by her interest in attachment theory, first researched during her BA in Psychology at Webster. The book serves as a guide for middle aged individuals who are searching for love. As a Psychologist, Lawson Botez provides coaching for future newly-weds and assists in preserving one of the most beautiful aspects of human relations - love. She regularly writes and publishes articles on relationships and is an inspirational speaker on how and why people fall in love.

Lawson Botez completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology (with honors) at Webster University Geneva in 2004. During her time at our university, she was a part of the Careers Counselling student programme. After she was provided with all the tools necessary to shape her successful future, she received her Magister Scientiae (Master of Science) in Psychology at Université de Geneve. She followed this with a Post-graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from Kingston University.

“I particularly enjoyed the diversity and inclusion of Webster. The small classes and attention to each student are empowering. My studies in attachment theory formed the basis of my book on late marriage. Obtaining a BA at Webster gave me the confidence to go further in academia and launch a new career. As a mature student, I was amused how young students liked to sit next to me because I took notes and knew the assignments. I made many friends and was proud to be Maid of Honour at a young student’s wedding. Webster set me on my current path as a life-long learner. I have been invited to talk at different educational institutions on my experience at private and state universities.”