Reach the Next Level

Fernando Lagrana “When I came across an article on the Grenoble-Webster DBA program in Le Temps I immediately realized that it was the right choice for me. After more than 30 years in the information and communication technology business, I knew it was time to pass my accumulated knowledge and experience on to the next generation of business practitioners. I also understood that this degree would open the door to the next stage of my professional path: I wanted to teach and the DBA would give me the right profile to do so.

After graduating in 2011, my professional life  transformed: in the office, colleagues recognized the quality of my contribution; on the campus, I was able to teach with the pleasure and excitement of a young professor; in the industry, media, consultants, research institutes and other expert groups look forward to my advice; in the academic community, I am invited to conferences and to publish articles.

I am thankful to the Grenoble-DBA program: it opened doors to a new world for me, and I invite you to join me on this program as the next step in your professional journey."

Fernando Lagraña, DBA
Director of the DBA and
Former Director of TELECOM, ITU-Geneva

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