Media Communications & Photography

Francesco Arese Visconti  MA

Francesco Arese Visconti, MA (University of Florence)

Faculty, Photography
Department Head a.i., Media Communications. Photography Program Coordinator
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Gary Bird  MA

Gary Bird, MA (Hunter College)

Faculty, Media Research and Film and Composition

Vicken Cheterian  Ph.D.

Vicken Cheterian, Ph.D. (The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies - IHEID)

Faculty, International Communications and Journalism, Political Systems, Soviet/Post-Soviet area studies
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Abbott Chrisman  MFA

Abbott Chrisman, MFA (DePaul University)

Faculty, Speech Communications
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Daniel Deboy  MSc

Daniel Deboy, MSc (University of Arts Graz)

Faculty, Audio Production

Sarah Grosso  Ph.D.

Sarah Grosso, Ph.D. (London School of Economics)

Faculty, Media Research

Caroline Hunt-Matthes  MPA

Caroline Hunt-Matthes, MPA (Harvard University)

Faculty, Critical Thinking, Law and Ethics

Joe Pirri  Ph.D.

Joe Pirri, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Faculty, Human Rights and Film Studies

Phyllis Ressler  MA

Phyllis Ressler, MA (SOAS, University of London)

Faculty, Sociology

Tammy Rosso  MA

Tammy Rosso, MA (University of Pittsburg)

Faculty, Media Analysis, Ethics and Communication
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Kristian Skeie  MA

Kristian Skeie, MA (University of London)

Faculty, Photography

Keith Strandberg  MA

Keith Strandberg, MA (Antioch University)

Faculty, Journalism and Film Production

David Veenhuys  MSc

David Veenhuys, MSc (University of Geneva)

Faculty, Management, Advertising and Public Relations