Tammy Rosso, MA

Head, Media Communications
Faculty, Media Analysis, Ethics & Communication

Academic Experience

Tammy Rosso was educated at the University of Pittsburg in Pennsylvania (USA). In 1990 she received her Bachelor’s degrees in Rhetoric and Communication and Political Science. She graduated summa cum laude.

As an undergraduate student Tammy was awarded a Chancellor’s Teaching Fellowship in 1989 for which she co-taught a course in Television and Society. In 1991 Tammy was made a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honorary society in recognition of her high attainment in liberal scholarship. Upon graduation she was cited as a University Scholar, an award given to those who demonstrate great potential for improving society through their scholarship.

In 1992 she received her Master’s degree in Rhetoric and Communication in which she specialized in mass media and postmodernism. Her Master’s thesis is titled, “An Analysis of Visual Codes in Determining Objectivity in MTV News.”

As a graduate student Tammy was awarded teaching fellowships from 1990 to 1992. Her focus areas were in Public Speaking, Presidential Rhetoric and Mass Communication.

Professional Experience

Tammy has been teaching at Webster since 1999. Her areas of specialization include Media Literacy, Television and Society and Media Ethics. She was the initiator for the campus newspaper and magazine and continues to work regularly with these publications.

In addition to teaching Tammy became Testing Administrator in 2002 and Deputy Department Head of Media Communications in 2007. In 2010 Tammy became Head of Media Communications.

Tammy has organized and successfully delivered three International Media conferences. Annual "Media Trends" conferences explore the ways in which media impact societal issues, aiming to develop ways in which media literacy and ethical communication could be improved as a means to more socially responsible media content.

In 2010 Tammy began a Learning Community program for her freshmen media students. The program provides additional academic, as well as, social support to new students in order to ease their integration into university studies and social life.

Upon her arrival in Europe Tammy taught English as a Second Language from 1993 to 1998.