School of Business and Technology

Clive Armstrong  MA

Clive Armstrong, MA (Cambridge University)

Faculty, Market Research

Pierre Bach  MA

Pierre Bach, MA (University of Geneva)

Faculty, Health Care Management

Bernard Baertschi  Ph.D.

Bernard Baertschi, Ph.D. (University of Geneva)

Faculty, Health Care Management

Ron Banks  MBA

Ron Banks, MBA (City University, Bellevue Washington, Frankfurt Germany Campus)

Faculty, Marketing
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Nicholas Bates  PGCE

Nicholas Bates, PGCE (Leeds University)

Faculty, Economics

Kalliopi Benetos  MSc

Kalliopi Benetos, MSc (University of Geneva)

Faculty, Computer Science

Alain Berger  MBA

Alain Berger, MBA (Hult International Business School)

Faculty, Accounting

Ray Bonnan  Ph.D.

Ray Bonnan, Ph.D. (Leeds University)

Faculty, Computer Science

Edward Boon  Ph.D.

Edward Boon, Ph.D. (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)

Faculty, Marketing

Katrina Burrus  Ph.D.

Katrina Burrus, Ph.D. (The Fielding Graduate University)

Faculty, Management
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Gaëtan Cantale  Ph.D.

Gaëtan Cantale, Ph.D. (University of Geneva)

Faculty, Management

Stefano Catelani  JD

Stefano Catelani, JD (University of Rome 'La Sapienza')

Faculty, Business Law

Claude Chaudet  Ph.D.

Claude Chaudet, Ph.D. (INSA, Lyon)

Professor, Computer Science, Wireless Networks, Security
Department Head, Computer Science
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Tim Connerton  DBA

Tim Connerton, DBA (Grenoble Ecole de Management)

Faculty, Marketing and Strategic Management

Fabio De Castro Frietas  DBA

Fabio De Castro Frietas, DBA (Grenoble Ecole de Management)

Faculty, Finance

Michel De Tymowski  MBA

Michel De Tymowski, MBA (Pace University)

Faculty, Health Care

Béatrice Despland  Ph.D.

Béatrice Despland, Ph.D. (University of Neuchâtel)

Faculty, Health Care Management

Anne-Sylvie Dupont  Ph.D.

Anne-Sylvie Dupont, Ph.D. (Université de Geneve, faculté de droit)

Faculty, Assurances sociales - legal

Peter Dzadzic  Ph.D.

Peter Dzadzic, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University)

Faculty, Finance
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Arash Golnam  Ph.D.

Arash Golnam, Ph.D. (EPFL)

Faculty, Information Systems and Analysis
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Sandro Grigolli  MBA

Sandro Grigolli, MBA (Insead)

Faculty, Entrepreneurship

John Gunson  Ph.D.

John Gunson, Ph.D. (University of Geneva)

Faculty, Information systems

Caroline Hunt-Matthes  MPA

Caroline Hunt-Matthes, MPA (Harvard University)

Faculty, Critical Thinking, Law and Ethics

Rouben Indjikian  Ph.D.

Rouben Indjikian, Ph.D. (Institute of World Economy and International Relations)

Faculty, Commodities, Energy and Trade Finance

Krista Jabs Saral  Ph.D.

Krista Jabs Saral, Ph.D. (Florida State University)

Faculty, Business Economics
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Katarzyna Jagodzinska  Ph.D.

Katarzyna Jagodzinska, Ph.D. (University of Wroclaw)

Faculty, Organizational Behaviour

Aleksandra Jancikova  EMBA

Aleksandra Jancikova, EMBA (University of Sheffield)

Faculty, Business Administration
Program Director, MBA

Dominique Jolly  Ph.D.

Dominique Jolly, Ph.D. (Université d'Aix-Marseille III )

Professor, Business
Chair, Walker School of Business and Technology
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Fernando Lagraña  DBA

Fernando Lagraña, DBA (Grenoble Ecole de Management)

Faculty, Communications

Ritalba Lamendola  Ph.D.

Ritalba Lamendola, Ph.D. (University of Bari)

Faculty, Technology and Management

Jean Lefebure  DHE (diplôme haute etudes)

Jean Lefebure, DHE (diplôme haute etudes) (Sorbonne, Paris)

Faculty, Health Care Management

Françoise Maillard  Ph.D.

Françoise Maillard, Ph.D. (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)

Faculty, Health Care Management
Department Head, Health Care Management

Giancarlo Melloni  MSc

Giancarlo Melloni, MSc (University of London)

Faculty, Business Economics

Mina Michal  Ph.D.

Mina Michal, Ph.D. (University of Cambridge)

Faculty, Organizational Behaviour

Michael O’Neil  MBA

Michael O’Neil, MBA (University of New Orleans)

Faculty, Management

Peter Osterman  MMS

Peter Osterman, MMS (McGill University)

Faculty, Accounting

Michal Paserman  Ph.D.

Michal Paserman, Ph.D. (The Graduate Institute, Geneva)

Faculty, Business Economics

Robert Piller  MBA

Robert Piller, MBA (University of Virginia)

Faculty, Operations Management

Viktor Polic  Ph.D.

Viktor Polic, Ph.D. (Singidunum University Belgrade)

Faculty, Computer Science

Ladan Pooyan-Weihs  Ph.D.

Ladan Pooyan-Weihs, Ph.D. (Berlin University of Technology)

Faculty, Computer Science

Michael Pos  MA

Michael Pos, MA (John Hopkins University)

Faculty, Compensation Management

Marcello Puca  Ph.D.

Marcello Puca, Ph.D. (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II)

Faculty, Microeconomics
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Gianni Pucciani  Ph.D.

Gianni Pucciani, Ph.D. (University of Pisa)

Faculty, Computer Science

Daniele Raffo  Ph.D.

Daniele Raffo, Ph.D. (Université de Paris 6)

Faculty, Computer Science
More Information: Researchgate

Michael Rarden  JD

Michael Rarden, JD (George Washington University)

Faculty, Business Law

Farid Saffar  MBA

Farid Saffar, MBA (Thunderbird University)

Faculty, Finance

Brij Sahi  MBA

Brij Sahi, MBA (City University)

Faculty, Management

Michael Sakbani  Ph.D.

Michael Sakbani, Ph.D. (New York University)

Faculty, International Economics

Pedro Santos  Ph.D.

Pedro Santos, Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon University)

Faculty, Computer Science

Daniel Schneider  Ph.D.

Daniel Schneider, Ph.D. (University of Geneva)

Faculty, Computer Science
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Attila Shelley  Ph.D.

Attila Shelley, Ph.D. (University of Stanford)

Faculty, Finance

Vivian Synteta  MSc

Vivian Synteta, MSc (University of Geneva, University of Thessaloniki)

Faculty, Computer Science

Clark Thomas  FCMA CGMA

Clark Thomas, FCMA CGMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants UK)

Faculty, Accountancy

David Veenhuys  MSc

David Veenhuys, MSc (University of Geneva)

Faculty, Management, Advertising and Public Relations

Christian Viladent  Ph.D.

Christian Viladent, Ph.D. (HEC Lausanne)

Faculty, International Business

Davide Vite  Ph.D.

Davide Vite, Ph.D. (Imperial College)

Faculty, Business Administration and Mathematics

Lammert Vrieling  Ph.D.

Lammert Vrieling, Ph.D. (University of Groningen)

Faculty, Strategy
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Randall Zindler  MBA

Randall Zindler, MBA (Lancaster University)

Faculty, Human Resources Management
Program Director, Human Resources Management