Program Structure

Graduate education at Webster University is all about developing the judgment and acumen to make critical decisions—the very essence of good leadership. These insights are gained through an interactive and value-centered learning process which focuses on personal and professional development to address complex problems in the real world.

Program Courses

The MA in M&L includes the following eight required core courses:

Management (Introductory course to master's level thinking)
Organizational Behavior
Managing Human Resources
Basic Finance for Managers
Management and Strategy
Managerial Leadership
Organization Development and Change
Integrated Studies in Management or Thesis/project
(on an approved, relevant topic of student interest)

The degree also includes 4 electives, which students can choose from a very wide selection, including:

Technology and Innovation Management
International Negotiations
Doing Business in China (course may include 1-week travel & related costs)
Academic Internship (at an off-campus company/org, guided by a professor)
Strategic Communications (cross-listed with Media Communications department)
International NGOs (cross-listed with IR department)
Graduate-level courses by the business, IR, or Media Communications departments
Graduate-level courses on a range of topics offered online

In addition, co-curricular programs and activities (guest lectures from experts, panels and conferences, career services) are open and free to enrolled students.

Cross Cultural Teamwork

The program uses case analyses and practical applications extensively—often in a seminar environment. Cross-cultural teamwork is an essential component of each course. Students learn to polish their presentation, negotiation and communication skills which are needed for success in today’s business world.

Career Management

Personalized professional development resources and individual job coaching can help students with self-discovery, goal setting, personal branding and career planning. These Webster services can help identify a student’s personal positioning and highlight points of differentiation. Further, students are taught how to target companies for interviews, develop effective cover letters/résumés and master the art of interviewing.

Program Admission

Applicants must possess an earned Bachelor’s degree in any subject from an accredited university. In addition, English language proficiency must be documented.

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