Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) option is the perfect answer for professionals who want to shape their own destiny, upgrade their credentials and become tomorrow’s strategic leaders.

91 percentCourses in the MBA programs integrate various disciplines, including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, operations and strategic management. Candidates can pursue a standard MBA or specialize with an emphasis in Human Resources Management, International Relations or Management and Leadership.

Gain Knowledge and Experience

The MBA courses combine theory with practice to give students the necessary skills and knowledge to perform effectively in real-life business situations. In class, students are exposed to the latest business tools and concepts, which they then learn to apply to solve complex problems through practical projects. This proven academic and practical approach develops each participant’s critical thinking, management style, teamwork and communication skills—the essential strengths for a good business manager.  

Career and Networking Opportunities

An MBA degree can open doors to new job opportunities and is particularly useful for entry into senior management or career advancement. Webster’s program also allows MBA students to develop strong business networks and lifelong friendships that will prove invaluable throughout a career. Participants may expand both their professional perspective and personal network through international travel and study within Webster University’s network of campuses.

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