MBA Courses & Topics

Dominique JollyAn MBA at Webster University Geneva will provide you with a strong, solid foundation in the principles and practices of each major business discipline, while presenting you the opportunity to test new ideas, to engage with peers from across industries and to apply new-found learning on projects and assignments. Each course is offered over an 8-week period, and the university schedule includes five terms per year (two in Fall, two in Spring and one Summer session).

Required Core Courses


• Dynamics of human behavior – exchange relationships
• Marketing processes and functions
• Designing a strategic marketing plan

Applied Business Statistics

• Application of statistical analyses in business decision-making
• Hypothesis testing
• Regression analysis and forecasting


• Financial statement analysis
• Bonds, stocks and derivatives
• Project valuation

Organizational Behavior

• Leadership, power and politics
• Individual and group dynamics
• Organizational culture

Management Accounting

• Interpretation of standard cost variances
• Evaluation of divisional performances
• The behavioral impact of accounting systems

Advanced Corporate Finance

• Corporate valuation
• Capital structure
• Financing decisions

Managerial Economics

• Exploring the decision-making of individuals and firms using economic models
• Game theory 

Operations and Project Management

• Transformation systems
• Project management
• Quality management

Corporate Responsibility and Society

• Governance
• Business Ethics
• Sustainability

Strategy and Competition

• Current business issues and development
• Assessment of market structure and financial conditions
• Competitive position and strategy
• Business simulation Comp-XM

Sample Elective Courses

Business Communication

• Crafting sophisticated oral and written messages for different audiences
• Organizing material for effective oral and written communication
• Negotiations and conflict resolutions

Business, Politics and Law

• Leadership and politics
• Models and methods for external and internal business analysis
• Legal environment

Leading and Managing Change

• Diagnostic Information
• Designing Interventions
• Creating a vision, developing motivation, and garnering political support

Doing Business in/with China

The re-emergence of China has been the most important geopolitical factor of the last twenty years. China’ s ubiquity in business issues implies that everyone has or will have a competitor, a supplier, a customer or a boss who is Chinese. This seminar starts in Geneva with a condensed introductory module, and is followed by a one week seminar on the Webster Shanghai campus. This location makes for the perfect host to connect with locals and internationals operating within the local Chinese economy.


Michal Paserman, MBA Program Director

Ron Banks
Tim Connerton
Katarzyna Jagodzinska
Aleksandra Jancikova
Dominique Jolly
Peter Osterman
Miguel Corte-Real
Krista Saral
Lammert Vrieling

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