Master of Arts Management & Leadership

A management degree with a business perspective

Gain practical management and business skills with a Masters in Management and Leadership from Webster University – the only program in the Geneva area to combine these two essential facets of effective management and leadership.

Through shared courses with the MBA program, you will learn core business functional skills. Our expert professors will also give you tools and techniques for leading, motivating, and managing groups and teams. You will gain practical experience and insights from their extensive management experience, as well as through current case studies, prominent guest speakers, and projects based on real business situations. Group projects with people from diverse backgrounds will additionally provide cross-cultural experience that is highly valued in today’s international business world.

This unique mix is provided by an accredited American university with a long and rich experience in business and management education. Open to people of all backgrounds and experience, the flexible program can be tailored to your own interests and allows you to easily combine work and study.

The core program covers:

  • Strategic management
  • Managerial leadership
  • Organizational behavior
  • Organizational development and change
  • Human resources processes
  • Basic finance