Undergraduate: Computer Science

The BS in computer science degree gives you a solid foundation in the major areas of computer science: programming, database management, systems and hardware. The skills and expertise that you will gain from studying these fields are in high demand in all industries, and will help you in whatever career you pursue.

Webster’s programming courses teach the major languages used today:
- C++ (the industry standard)
- Visual Basic
- Java

Database management courses give you expertise in database software, such as:
- Access
- Mysql

Systems and hardware courses cover such topics as:
- Systems analysis and design
- Network management
- Operating systems
- Network security

At least 50% of the work in most courses is “hands-on” and takes the form of projects and portfolios.

We also offer courses in computer applications, such as Excel and InDesign, which are useful regardless of your major.

The BS in Computer Science with emphasis in Information Management gives you an understanding of both the technical and business aspects of information technology. It includes courses in finance and accounting and is particularly useful for students interested in banking and financial services careers.