Business, Finance & Management

When you study business at Webster University Geneva, you will begin a rigorous program of core courses, including accounting, economics, law, and management theory. These courses will give you the academic base you will need to choose the best business program for you.

The Bachelor of Science in Finance has an early focus on math and statistics to prepare you for courses in investments and markets. The Bachelor of Arts in Management has a focus on human resources and organizational behavior with the chance to explore advanced courses in marketing through a certificate or emphasis. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration allows you to combine the qualities of the finance and management qualifications. As these degrees share core courses you can choose the path which interests you most after several terms of study.

Webster University Geneva offers you these options so that you can choose the program that is best suited for you. No matter which path you choose, you’ll enjoy small classes taught by dynamic professionals who are leaders in their fields. You will learn through engaging group work and case studies that will help you understand the practical applications of the theoretical models you have studied. We will prepare you to join the professional world through a well-rounded curriculum that is tailored for you.


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BA Economics
BA Management

BA Management: Emphasis in Marketing
BS Business Administration
BS Finance

Minor in Business
Minor in Economics
Minor in Finance
Minor in Management

Certificate in Data Analytics
Certificate in Marketing
Certificate in Entrepreneurship