The Economics Major at Webster University Geneva is designed for students who are looking for a personal, rigorous education that leads to (i) entry-level positions in financial, managerial and administrative areas of the public and private sector, or (ii) entry into graduate and professional schools of law, business, economics, and social sciences. It is the only US accredited program of it's kind in the region and is taught by PhD faculty who are highly qualified and published experts in their fields.

Following a core set of courses in both macroeconomics and microeconomics, each student will have the flexibility to choose elective courses to focus on their personal interests. Among the topics covered by the curriculum are the theory of markets, the organization of industries, labor supply and its uses, the commercial banking and credit system, government finance, national income and its production and distribution, economic growth, and international trade and finance. Students also compete for internships at the end of their junior year - a unique opportunity for Webster Economics Majors arising from strong ties to the non-profit organizations and local business community of Geneva.

Many of the courses that make up the Economics major are taught across the global Webster network of campuses. This gives students the opportunity to study abroad and gain a truly global perspective of their subject which will give them a definite advantage in their future career.


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