Media Communications

A major in Media Communications will provide you with essential skills in oral, visual and written communications. You will gain proficiency in critical thinking and social media, some of the top skills that employers seek in any career field. The program balances practical media skills with a solid academic path.

The Department of Media Communications recognizes its mission to educate students for citizenship in a society where communication and information are major commodities and the basis of the democratic process. We recognize the complex mosaic of changing career possibilities available in the information environment and prepare students for an employment climate in which the ability to adapt is a fundamental requisite to success.

You will be able to gain valuable work experience through internships, portfolio development, community volunteering and on campus media productions, and the network of Webster campuses will offer you the chance to travel and learn media practices across four continents. With this experience you will begin your transition to professional life as a truly global citizen.

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BA Media Communications

Minor in Journalism
Minor in Media Communication

Certificate in Digital Media-Design & Production
Certificate in Magazine Production