Financial Information

Full time student tuition:

Tuition is charged as a flat fee for full-time students.  Current rate for 2018-19 year:
CHF 16,640 per semester (CHF 33,280 for the academic year, for both the Fall and Spring semesters).

This semester flat fee tuition rate permits students to register for anywhere between 12 and 18 credit hours per semester (between 4 and 6 courses, since most courses carry 3 credits).   A typical bachelor student's 'full-time' semester is 15 credit hours (5 courses).  This is the rate of progress necessary for students to graduate on time.  The flat fee tuition rate allows for up to 6 courses per semester, if students wish to advance more quickly toward graduation and have the academic potential to do so.

Textbooks are included in this tuition fee (provided the student registers on time).  Full-time students taking more than 18 credit hours in a semester (more than 6 courses, which is not typically advised) will pay an additional CHF 1,040 per credit hour in addition to the flat fee.  Note that this is the same rate for summer courses, which are generally not required and thus not included in the Fall-Spring rates above.  Some students choose to study year-round, to advance toward graduation more quickly.  See below for details on summer rates.

Academic Year expenses:  Direct and Indirect:

Webster University Geneva’s approximate educational expenses in Swiss Francs per academic year (Fall and Spring semester), including direct and indirect expenses are:

Full time tuition (including textbooks) – 33,280 CHF
Housing - 9,500 to 12'000 CHF (varies, based on choice of campus-sponsored housing or independent housing*)
Food - 6,000 to 10'000 CHF (varies, based on choices of meal plans on campus or independent, off-campus dining)
Student health insurance - 1'000 CHF
Local transportation - 600 CHF

* first-year students are required to live on campus in the Living and Learning Centre, unless they will live with immediate family in the Geneva area (an exemption request form can be approved)

Estimated total for one academic year (Fall + Spring), including all expenses (housing/ meals):  50,000 to 55'000 CHF

Part-time student tuition rate:

Part-time students registering for 1 to 11 credits in a semester will pay CHF 1,040 per credit hour. For example, a 3 credit course will cost CHF 3,120. 

Summer term courses:

Students registering for courses in the Summer term will pay the per credit fee. For example, a 3 credit course in 2016-2017 will cost CHF 3,120.  Other academic costs may be charged to the student account – for example media lab fees and academic travel. Details are available on the course syllabus. Please note that tuition costs are adjusted each academic year by 1-4%. Webster University’s academic year extends from Summer term through the Spring semester.

Deposits for Enrollment

Once accepted, in order to confirm your intent to attend Webster University Geneva, the next step is to pay a deposit of CHF 1,500.- by June 1st. This deposit will confirm your plan to enroll, and permit Webster to preregister you for courses. The deposit will be deducted from your first semester tuition.  

Housing Deposits

Freshmen students are required to reside on campus. In order to reserve a place, we will kindly ask you to pay a deposit of CHF 1,000.-  For additional information, please see the Residential Life pages.

Bank Details

Please find below the bank details for transferring the tuition and housing deposit. Please make sure to indicate the student name and Webster student ID number (from the admission letter) in the transaction.  Reach us by phone or email for any questions or support in the process.

Within Switzerland:
Account # 290052.00A
Clearing code: 0240
Swift (BIC): UBSWCHZH80A     

From outside Switzerland:
Account # 290052.00A
Code IBAN: CH98 0024 0240 2900 5200 A

If you have any questions please Contact Us.