Life Beyond the Classroom

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On an American-style campus, student life is more than just sitting in class. It is about participating in student activities and assuming leadership opportunities. At Webster, the student community plans and organizes a wide range of events and activities to entertain, inform and challenge you from parties, ski trips, and movie nights to clubs and leadership retreats. There’s something for everyone.

Our students and faculty work together to organize academic conferences, workshops and forums. By participating in these events, you will have opportunities to strengthen friendships, meet experts and develop an unparalleled professional network.

Student Clubs and Teams

Webster students engage fully in extra-curricular campus life. Current club opportunities include Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cross Cultural Club, Chess Club, Music Club, and Psychology Club. You can join an existing club, or start a new activity with the support of the Student Government Association and the Student Affairs Office.  

You can also attend or help organize events that celebrate the international diversity of the Geneva campus community, including Halloween, Global Thanksgiving, Webster’s Got Talent and the Spring Party.

The Webster Humanitarian Association (WHA) is led and managed by Webster students. If you have an interest in human rights, supporting communities in need or addressing social issues, you will enjoy participating in the activities of the WHA.