Student Associations & Clubs

Webster University Geneva offers a variety of opportunities designed to help you build a close-knit community on campus and beyond. Explore the many ways of getting involved with different clubs and organisations on campus, expand your leadership skills and enhance your academic and social life at Webster Geneva.

Student Government Association

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 The Student Government Association is the organization through which students can participate in the formulation of policies affecting academic and student affairs. The SGA plans numerous events throughout the year, lobbies on behalf of the students on any issues or needs, and plays an important role in the creation of community on campus. The SGA is also tasked with overseeing student activities and clubs in order to provide the appropriate funds for any events that the clubs may hold.

The mission of the SGA is to pursue the betterment of Webster, both socially and academically. The SGA exists to provide the student body with a way to communicate any issues, needs or recommendations and is a forum for the expression of student views concerning student life and academics within the University.

Webster Humanitarian Association

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The Webster Humanitarian Association (WHA) is a UN registered NGO led by Webster University Geneva students. Being a member of the WHA gives students the opportunity to become involved in issues that they are passionate about, promote human rights and equality and play a small, but important role in shaping a better world.

Students in the WHA participate in planning, organising and leading events which spread awareness about specific issues that are relevant to our members in the fields of international humanitarian affairs, refugee and migration, human rights and social justice and natural disaster emergency relief. Members are also given the unique opportunity to participate in field trips to see the direct benefits of their efforts and gain real life experience.

Currently we meet every Wednesday for a short meeting during lunch where we discuss current international issues and plan upcoming events. Some of the events we have organised include a refugee simulation, bake sales, trivia nights, basketball tournaments, presentations and conferences. Last year the WHA primarily worked with local refugees from a variety of countries, and traveled to Poland for an educational visit of Auschwitz.

Football Club

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The main activity of football club is meeting up every Saturday to play and have fun in a competitive yet friendly atmosphere. Every once awhile, when we find the opportunity to do so, we participate in a tournament, or organize a game with another club, but the most important tournament we enter is the Webster European Cup. We pick players for the teams in the tournaments we play based on a combination of how serious they are on Saturday training and of course their ability to play football. Most of all, the football club is more like a family than only a team.

Volleyball Club        

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The volleyball club meets on Wednesdays 8-10 pm. We are always looking for new members of every skill level to come and join us and learn more about the sport. It’s a great way to be active, meet new people and have fun.

Music Club

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Are you musically gifted? Are you searching for the right opportunity to express your artistic talent with other people like you? Webster’s Music Club offers students the opportunity to experience the life of a music artist. Not only does that involve practicing covers and/or composing original songs, but also rehearsing for performances during events at Webster University, such as Webster’s Halloween Party and its annual talent show. In addition to these opportunities, the Music Club has plans to collaborate with other media students for music projects that involve both studio and video recordings.

Psychology Club

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Webster Geneva’s Psychology Club is open to every student who is interested in the field of psychology. The purpose of the club is to provide fun and relevant experiences and knowledge that relate to the psychology field. As a club we organize different events, bake sales and support the psychology department in some of the events they organize. Being a small club, we work together as a community and support each other both in the academic environment and as friends. One of the main purposes of the club is to give students a space to develop their ideas and offer support if they want to do new events or learn more about specific topics. Being part of the club is a great experience. It is a new way of making friends with similar interest and learning new things outside the classroom.

Photography Club

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Photography Club is about discovery and adventure. We explore various places in and around Geneva, where we make photos of what we find and experience. We also seek out art and photography in museums like the MAMCO and Musée de l'Élysée. The goal of our club is to give members the opportunity to delve into and explore photography through it’s history, culture, techniques and styles.  And then we meet regularly to share our photos, experiences and pizzas!

Rugby Club (Men)

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The rugby team is open to all levels of players. The team meets in a local club in Nyon weekly.

Business Club

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The Club started in response to the needs of business department students to express their knowledge, discuss ideas about the current business issues, and have an opportunity to meet people of higher positions in this sphere. Activities of the club include organising speaker visits to Webster as well as visits to the companies of interest and to the business related conferences. Becoming a member of the club will improve students’ interpersonal communication skills, increase their awareness of current business affairs, and give then an opportunity to meet people of different managerial levels from other organisations. Taking part in Business Club creation is similar to working for a start-up: it’s challenging, interesting and fresh. Join us!

International Relations Club

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The International Relations Club meets once or twice a month to discuss a particular documentary, article, or movement. Open to all students.

Basketball Club (Men)

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Open to all players who enjoy playing recreational basketball. The team meets once a week, on Thursday evenings