Webster LEADS

Learn … Evolve … Apply … Develop … Serve … LEADS

In today’s real world, learning about leadership is more important than ever before. We want you to receive the tools necessary to succeed in our global society. We want you to have the right knowledge and the right skills to become leaders.

Mission Statement

WebsterLEADS is an on-going application of scholarship and practical leadership experience empowering our diverse student population to develop and excel as global citizens. Through a collaborative process between our students, staff, faculty, and the communities where we live and serve, we prepare our students with the knowledge, education and development to assume leadership on campus, in society and in the global workforce.

We achieve this mission by:

  •  Recognizing and expanding upon the skills and gifts students possess
  •  Creating environments that foster personal reflection, significant relationships, diverse points of view, and student learning
  •  Providing opportunities for students to develop and apply their own philosophy and approach to leadership
  •  Expecting students to serve as role models and educators within the Webster University community worldwide

The core components of the program include:

  •  Leadership Classes
  •  Leadership Retreats
  •  Professional Development Workshops
  •  Service Learning Project
  •  Practical Leadership Experience

Achieving the Leadership Certificate requires completion of a process we call the “5+2 System,” in which participants complete five core areas listed above, and repeat any two of them.

Work Study Scholarship Program

Some accepted practical leadership experience can be gained within the Work Study Scholarship (WSS) program. The WSS program at Webster University Geneva was created to:

  •  Provide scholarship opportunities for students needing financial assistance
  •  Provide services Webster University could not otherwise provide without qualified student assistants
  •  Serve as many students as possible, with reasonable continuity

Some of the accepted positions (if carried out by an UG) for Practical Leadership Experience (PLE) within the WSS are:

  •  Resident Assistant
  •  Graduation Ceremony Assistant
  •  Alumni Office

Other on Campus Accepted Positions are:

  •  Front Desk Management
  •  Football Captain
  •  Campus Activities Coordinator
  •  Orientation Leader
  •  Student Government President
  •  NSO Student Leader

How do I know that I have the potential for this educational challenge?

If you can say “Yes” to the following questions, you are made for WebsterLEADS.
Come and join this fantastic educational adventure.

  •  Are you eager to take charge of great projects?
  •  Do you like to take initiatives?
  •  Can you see yourself develop as an individual while inspiring others?
  •  Do you see yourself capable of making a difference to your environment?
  •  Are you excited about sharing ideas and responsibilities?
  •  Do you believe in unifying groups of people to achieve something bigger than could ever be achieved individually?

The concept of a leadership program is to develop and enhance various different sets of skills, methodologies and ideas. Leadership programs enlighten various aspects of life and teach important life skills, such as self-analysis, cultural sensitivity, moral awareness, people skills and expertise in decision-making.

Quick Reflection on Service-Learning

 A lesson learned from the experience:
“If you have the right mind set, a single week truly can shape a lifetime.”

If I could do it all over again I would…
”continue building relationships with the other volunteers creating lifelong friendships.”

For more information, please contact:

Kristina Shimkus, M.A.
Director of Student Affairs
+41 22 959 8007