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The Webster partnership program is focused on ONE thing: to enable our partner companies to train, retain and reinvigorate the most important asset of the organization: their employees.

Added Benefits

•  The Partner program can be a value-added opportunity for employees, offered alongside your organization's existing benefits programs
•  Joining the Partners Program is no additional cost to your company or employees (no membership fee)
•  Our Partner Benefits programs include services worldwide, through our online programs and global network of Webster University campuses
•  Secure a more prominent role in attracting Webster's talented and diverse graduates to your workforce
•  Explore co-sponsored research opportunities or joint projects with faculty members
•  Contribute to the local community through joint events for university students and gain visibility through other university-level engagements

We invite you to reach us with your particular questions, or just to begin a general discussion about the prospects of partnering with Webster University Geneva. 


Walker School of Business and Technology
Webster University: +41 22 959 8000