Code of Conduct

Employees are expected to conduct themselves at all times with due regard to the interests and reputation of Webster University, both during and after their hours of employment.  

The Webster University Saint-Louis Code of Ethics and Anti-Sexual Assualt policy form an integral part of Webster University Geneva Code of Conduct.

Specifically, employees must at all times maintain confidentiality with regard to student records and the internal affairs of the University in general.  Serious or repeated violation of this obligation will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

The University is committed to provide students and employees with an environment free of implicit and explicit coercive sexual behavior used to control, influence or affect the well-being of any members of its community.  Any form of sexual harassment and bullying is grounds for University disciplinary action.  

Any other inappropriate behavior from employees should be reported immediately to the HR Director who will connect with the appropriate level of management. After careful review of the situation, appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken and could result in corrective measures up to the termination of the contract of employment.