Holiday entitlement and carry-over (staff)

The vacation entitlement is based on the Swiss Labor law and any additional, more favorable regulations are to be found in your employment contract. Any entitlement provided is based on the civil year, not academic year. Staff starting in the course of any given academic year, will have their annual entitlement adjusted prorate towards civil calendar.

It is in the interest of the employer and the employee; vacations are taken in the year the vacation entitlement occurs. Those vacations will be planned and coordinated appropriately with the employee’s supervisor ahead of time so that there is enough time to recuperate and that vacation time is in alignment with institutional needs.

For staff, registration of days will be made via the new absence management tool effective 01 February 2014.

Vacations days can be carried over to the next year to a maximum of 5 days from one calendar year to another effective 01 June 2014 (2014-2015 Academic year and onwards). Should any employee has more than 5 days to carry over by this date and for following academic years, a planning of vacations will have to be agreed upon with the employee’s supervisor and the HR Director no later than 30 May of the previous academic year.