Safety Procedures

Emergency Numbers

Fire/Hazardous Material Release

  • Activate the nearest fire alarm.
  • As you leave your room/office/class, close windows and doors, if you can.
  • Do not take any belongings—your life comes first!
  • Evacuate the building immediately by following the exit signs.  Do not use any elevators.
  • Walk to the Emergency Assembly Point.  Do not return into the building unless instructed to.
  • Call the fire department: 118

Medical Emergency

  • Do not move the patient unless in danger at current location.
  • Stay with the patient until help arrives.
  • Call the paramedics: 144

Suspicious Person or Activity

  • Immediately call the police (117) to report what you have seen.

Threatening Person on Campus

  • Leave the building if someone is exhibiting threatening behavior or committing violence.  Notify anyone you may encounter to exit the building.
  • If you cannot leave the building, lock or barricade yourself in the nearest room and turn off the lights.
  • Hide and keep as quiet as possible.
  • Call the police: 117

Security Contact

The main contact for security issues on campus is GCS Security:

  • On campus: 079 173 5201
  • Les Berges: 079 173 5205

Emergency Assembly Point

  • If you need to evacuate the building, use the nearest safe exit.
  • Follow the evacuation routes on the plan and report to the Emergency Assembly Point.
  • Remain at the Emergency Assembly Point until you receive an “all clear” or further instructions.

Keep Your Contact Information Current

Webster University can only get emergency information to you if we know how to reach you.  In order to keep you informed and safe, we must have your current information, including your e-mail address, home phone number and cell phone number.  Faculty and staff should do this by contacting Human Resources. Students should contact the Registrar's Office.