Sickness and accident


Any absence from work due to illness or caretaking of ill family member must be reported as early as possible after the illness has occurred, i.e. in the morning of the first day of illness. Employees need to inform their immediate supervisor or Head of department, the HR department, as well as the Reception.

If an employee misses three or more consecutive days due to illness, an official confirmation from a doctor must be obtained and presented to the HR Department (by the latest upon your return to work).  If this relates to care taking of an ill family member, a certificate will be requested as of the second day of absence.


Accident coverage is a mandatory process in Switzerland. Webster Geneva covers employees for professional and non-professional accidents (non-professional accident being covered as far as you work more than 8 hours per week and professional accident always covered by your employer). 

Please note that if employees who have reached the retirement age (70 years old) are covered only for professional and non-professional accident by Webster University but only by the basic insurance and not the supplemental.

In case of an accident, the  HR department must be informed as soon as possible so the appropriate form can be provided. Regarding any fees to be engaged and paid for by the employee, all receipt must be kept for further refund if applicable - otherwise the doctors/hospital can be provided with the following policy number : 915956 for basis and number 925956 for supplemental.

Please note that those declarations should happen within a maximum of 8 days following the incident. Any late declaration may result in not having the case and its related fees covered by the accident insurance provider.