Time off policy

The employee’s supervisor or Head of department must be contacted regarding any absences, vacation days, compensation time and other work-related issues.

For time off, employee’s manager or Head of department must be informed before taking those days.  Employee’s manager or Head of department may ask for substantiating documentation.

Move: 1 day (not more than once every two years)
Wedding: 2 days (to be taken the week before or the week after the wedding)
Birth of a child: 2 days (for the father, maternity leave being 112 days in Geneva canton for the mother)
Funeral: 3 days for close family (spouse, parents, children and grand-parents), 1 day for other family members or close relationship
Other: please address these with your manager and/or the HR Director

Dates when the University is open can be found on the Academic Calendars page.