Tuition Remission and Degree Bonus

Both Tuition Remission and Degree Bonus policies are part of the Webster’s commitment to Professional Development and direct benefits to all Webster core faculty and staff members.

Tuition Remission

Full-time staff and core faculty members (please refer to St-Louis guidelines for further details) and members of their immediate families who have worked for at least one year at Webster University are eligible for tuition remission. Someone outside the employee’s immediate family can be designated to receive this benefit, in which case this may be extended only once and to one person only. In addition, the application for the Tuition Remission Program must meet the University’s admissions requirements in order to be admitted to a degree program.

All above mentioned employees must have the approval of their manager or Head of department before enrolling in any class. In the case of an individual’s handling of his/her workload or individual job performance not being satisfactory during the term/semester when a class was taken, the approval for enrolling in further courses during the coming term/semester can be withheld for up to 3 terms.

Time spent in class cannot be considered as work time. The policy on tuition remission applies to tuition only and does not include fees or books, neither in UG nor in G courses. It also applies to regular scheduled courses only, and therefore is not possible for e.g. applied music course, directed study or other special courses.

The tuition remission policy is applicable only while the employee remains with the University.

For using the tuition remission benefit, employees shall pick up the necessary form from the HR Department in order to get their supervisor’s approval.

All proper approval must be granted before an Advisor can enroll the employee in any course.

Regarding tuition offered to family members, 70% of this value will be socially taxed (@ AVS 6.225%) starting Fall 1 term of 2017, as indicated Geneva authorities in December 2017.

Degree Bonus

Full-time non-academic staff that attains college degrees will be awarded a cash bonus of CHF 1’500 for the attainment of a bachelor's degree, CHF 2’000 for a master's degree and CHF 2’500 for a doctoral degree.

The bonus will be paid via payroll one year after the degree has been awarded upon submitting of documentation (transcript or diploma) and provided the staff member is still employed at that time. This payment is subject to taxes.

The employment with Webster University, worldwide, continues for at least one more year after completing the academic program.

In case the employment is terminated by the employee either during the program or during the first year upon completion, the regular tuition remission procedure will be applied. All accumulated course fees have to be taxed retroactively.

It is agreed that the period of giving notice is extended to three month for both sides from the start of the program till the end of the first year after the program has been completed.

If these criteria are met, an additional agreement (side letter to the tuition remission procedure) will be signed between the staff or core faculty member and the campus director. If not, the regular tuition remission procedure is applicable