Security Forum

Geneva, depositary of the four Conventions making up International Humanitarian Law (IHL), is often spoken of as a city of peace. But peace, in the 21st Century, is more than just the absence of war; it is about the guarantee of Human Security – freedom from fear and from want – and it posits the Responsibility to Protect (R2P).

In 2007, the first Security Forum was inaugurated and organized under the leadership of Dr. Alexandre Vautravers at Webster University Geneva, with the participation of local think tanks and organizations, including the support of the Swiss Armed Forces. Among these organizations, to name only a few, were the University of Geneva Strategic Studies Group (GESUG), the International Center for Geopolitical Studies (ICGS), the Geneva and Vaud Military Societies, and the editorial team of the Revue Militaire Suisse. Since then, new partners and experts have joined the subsequent forums (e.g., the French centers Participation & Progrès and IPSE, the Geneva-based Water Lex, and the UNIDIR) to address the following topics:

2007               Globalization of Security: Trends and Perspectives
2008               Identity and Conflict
2009               Conflicts and Emergencies in Urban Areas
2009               Political and Military Incidents
2010               Disarmament and Arms Limitation
2011               Insurgency and Counter Insurgency
2012               Information Warfare
2013               Water and Security
2014               The Unconventional Aspects of World War I

The SECURITY FORUM fills a gap in the International Relations BA/MA program. Security and terrorism, conflict resolution and peacekeeping, diplomacy and strategy, geopolitics and nation building are typical topics addressed in it.

In addition, it capitalizes on the formidable access and experience available in Geneva. It allows Webster University to stand out and be recognized as a premier institution in the field of security studies, through its faculty, its events, and its publications.

Last but not least, it allows our campus to develop partnerships with several Geneva-based organizations, which are active in the areas of Human Security and/or Security Policy.