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MA Counseling Geneva

As the dependance on digital systems grows, so does the need for experts in Cybersecurity. Studying in this field will open the door to a range of positions in sectors including banking, health, telecommunications and the public sector.

This degree explores the theoretical foundations of cybersecurity, the practical aspects of networks and systems, strategic and intelligence analysis, and the psychology of social engineering. Students complete the program with a thesis that is combined with field experience or a recommended internship.

Application Timeline

Deadline for Applications: June 30, 2023
Interviews: July 2023
Final decision notification: July 28, 2023
Program starts: October 23, 2023

MA Curriculum and Accreditation

Master of Science in Cybersecurity Operations

This Master of Science degree is designed for computer science professionals or recent graduates who want to expand their skillset with operational cyberecurity skills and fundamental knowledge. Applicants must be well versed in computer science, digital networks and possess good mathematical skills.


The MS opens doors to technical or strategic careers in the field of cybersecurity such as security engineer, DevSecOps engineer, security architect, security auditor, or more generally all cybersecurity specialist positions

Webster University carries full international accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Students at Webster University Geneva therefore earn the same degree that is awarded in the United States. 


12 courses are required to complete the MS

Required core courses (8 required)

•  Introduction to Cybersecurity 
•  Cybersecurity Communications
•  Cybersecurity Infrastructures
•  Cybersecurity Intelligence/Counter Intelligence
•  Cybersecurity Strategic Operations
•  Encryption Methods and Techniques
•  Social Engineering
•  Practical Research in Cybersecurity

Example elective courses (4 required)

•  Cybersecurity Forensics 
•  Cybersecurity Threat Detection
•  Cybersecurity in Cloud Computing
•  Cybersecurity Law and Policy
•  Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework

Claude Chaudet, PhD
The Importance of Cybersecurity

“Cybersecurity is an endless game in which attackers and defenders continuously adapt their strategies, using the latest technological innovations.”

Claude Chaudet, PhD
Professionals embracing these careers have to update their knowledge and use all their skills and ingeniousness to react to unknown situations. It is an exciting strategic domain where technology meets ethics and where routine does not last long.Dr. Claude Chaudet - Department Head, Computer Science

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