Webster University's curriculum promotes both academic depth and intellectual breadth, encouraging you to explore diverse interests in your chosen field as well as beyond your major. At Webster, approximately half of your courses will be focused within your chosen major. Your remaining subjects will include a combination of courses from our Global Citizenship curriculum and electives, which can be allocated toward a second major or an academic emphasis, a minor or certificate.



A Bachelor Degree at Webster

In order to graduate from Webster University, a student must have accumulated 120 academic credits (U.S. system*), including the required credits for their Major, as well as course work in Webster's Global Citizenship (general education) and elective credits.  At the standard "full-time" rate of 5 courses (15 U.S. credits) per semester, the degree is structured as a four-year (8 semester) experience.  Summer terms are optional but often help students to advance their studies more quickly.

Our students in Geneva can earn their Bachelor’s degree within 3 to 4 years, depending on university-level credits awarded from their secondary experience. See our admissions page for information about credits granted for the IB, Swiss maturité, French baccalaureate, A.P. and other system credits, which can earn up to one year of advanced standing.


* The U.S. credit system typically recognizes 120 credit minimum for the Bachelor degree qualification. Note that in the typical conversion rates, two European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits equal one U.S. academic credit.

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