Photography Program Geneva

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Photography Program Geneva

The photography major at Webster Geneva will give you the technical skills and theoretical understanding needed to pursue a career in your chosen field.  When you graduate you will be capable of working with techniques from traditional black and white to the latest digital formats. The depth of the program will also provide you with critical thinking and social media skills which will make you a better global citizen. Many alumni from this program found their first employment through the internship programs offered at Webster.

You will receive the personalized attention needed explore your skills in fields from fine art to documentary. You will be able to work on important off campus events where you will be mentored to produce work for real clients, forming the basis of your portfolio. You will also be able to contribute the majority of the photography the fully student produced 78 Magazine.

Each year students from across the Webster network meet for a two week intensive course in Tuscany, Italy. Mixing large format photography with the chance to visit historical locations and collections, this unique experience is just one example of how the photography major at Webster Geneva prepares you to be a global citizen.

Introduction from the Program Head

Bachelor Programs in Photography

We live in a hyper-visual society. The exponential growth of social media has facilitated the advertising, media, and fashion industry. Photography has become something more than a hobby. Communication through visual language has become a powerful tool for inducing decisions, directing marketing strategies, or political campaigns in modern society. Visual storytelling is the most effective way to describe how our world is changing. Through practical experience and theoretical knowledge, students in this program will be able to produce, analyze, criticize, and properly diffuse images.

Programs available in Geneva (links to external catalog)

BA Photography (PDF)
Minor in Photography (PDF)
Certificate in Photojournalism/Editorial Photography (PDF)

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  • Geneva is in close proximity to many historical photography-related sites. The Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne is one of the most important photography museums in the world. Webster is located only two hours away from Saint Loup-de-Varennes, the place where the first photographic image was taken.
  • Collaboration with local festivals.
  • International experience with trips abroad (Tuscany).
  • Internships.
  • Research activity with faculty.
Daniel Lopez
Alumni Success - Daniel Lopez-Paullada

“The Program at Webster University was essential in honing my skills and applying them to the professional work environment.”

Daniel Lopez
“It taught me the importance of creating a brand for my media production business as well as the technical skills to apply in practice in today’s ever changing creative industry. Since graduation, my projects and clients have ranged from big multinationals, like Procter&Gamble, Nestle and Swisscom, to international organizations like the U.N., IATA, World Health Organization, WIPO, and UEFA.”

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