At Webster, you will develop skills and competencies that will carry forward into your future workplace. Webster’s Careers team is here to support you at each stage in your career discernment – from exploring career options that match to your major, applying for an internship, refining your CV or prepping for a job transition interview.

Our Career Services team brings extensive business, career counseling and multicultural backgrounds--combined with deep knowledge of current employment market requirements.  These professional counselors will help you to explore your skills, interests and talents. You can consider career paths and strategize possible internship and career options. You will learn to craft a resumé and practice effective interview skills. And if your goals include further studies, they will help you identify quality academic programs that fit your targets--and coach you on the steps to get there. 

Career Coaching

Professional counselors will help you with each stage of your personal career planning

Experience through Internships

We provide internship opportunities and application support, for roles in Geneva and beyond

Post-degree Job Search

From networking to interview preparations, we help you get to the next level

Career Services
We help you to identify and reach your goals.

“At Webster, you will have numerous ways to become an excellent candidate for internships, employment or advanced studies.”

Career Services
Our mission is to encourage and inform you about how to make the most of the academic, co-curricular and practical opportunities our campus offers, and to help you link your studies to real-world practice. We will help you create effective personal branding materials including a CV, LinkedIn profile and letters of motivation that are unique to your own style and objectives. We are also here and ready to coach you at each step, from application and interview preparation to salary negotiations.Beatrice von Mach, Director, Career Services

At Webster, you will benefit from:

  • Individual career coaching, starting from your first year
  • Access to dozens of internship and job announcements for positions in Geneva and beyond, referred from Webster’s network of employers and alumni
  • Preparation for applications and interviews
  • Guest presentations by employers across industries and functions
  • Workshops and seminars that expose students to the needs and trends of corporate and not-for-profit organizations
  • Networking events on campus with the local business and diplomatic community in Geneva


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