New Research Projects Announced

Webster University Geneva is proud to announce the University will be supporting 12 new research projects. Please, find in the table below the list of those projects. Congratulations to the recipients:

Krista Saral — Addressing the dark side of entrepreneurship: a proposal for understanding and increasing tax compliance among small- and medium-sized businesses

Marcello Puca — Do Peers Affect Individual Bargaining?

Caroline Hunt Matthes — The Gap in Whistleblower Protection in the United Nations Implications for Risk Management and Human Rights

Curtis Doebbler — The Right to Health as Customary International Law

Oreste Foppiani with Oana Alexandra Scarlatescu — Family, Separation and Migration: An Evolution-Involution of the Global Refugee Crisis

Vicken Cheterian — Religious Wars (2016-18)

Lionel Fatton with Oreste Foppiani — Japan’s Armed Forces and the U.S. Policy vis-à-vis Asia: Moving toward a New Posture?

Carlo Maria Marenghi with Giovanni Giudetti — The “mutual trust” idea and the protection of personal data in the context of migration

Kristian Skeie — Life After Genocide

Roslyn Thomas with Liza Jachens — Work-related stress in a humanitarian context: a mixed method approach

Flavia Zorzi Giustiniani — Soft law and its contribution to the development of International Disaster Law. An appraisal of some recent key initiatives.

Pierre-Etienne Bourneuf — A monograph of the different facets of the League of Nations