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Webster University and Our Roots

Donate to Webster University Geneva

Webster University was founded more than 100 years ago in St. Louis (Missouri, USA), with the noble aim to educate those otherwise excluded at that time from access to higher education: young women.  Today, Webster is a U.S.-based, coeducational, independent, nonprofit international university, with campus locations across four continents.  Webster continues to be recognized for its social impact and has been ranked among top U.S. universities for socio-economic diversity and inclusion.

Students at Webster University Geneva SwitzerlandWebster University Geneva
A NonProfit Foundation

Webster University Geneva, registered as a Swiss foundation, was the first international campus of Webster and remains the most diverse across the Webster network by citizenship.  We continue in the spirit of Webster’s rich tradition to deliver and to advocate for the humanistic approach of the liberal arts education.

One of our longstanding values is supporting the next generation of global citizens who will assume the responsibilities of leading in a complex world.  Whenever possible, we use our institutional scholarship resources to help bridge the financial gap for students who would otherwise not be able to attend.  Each year, we offer academic merit-based scholarships as well as need-based financial aid to high-quality students from across the globe — with annual scholarships and grants of several hundred thousand Swiss francs.

Over the years, Webster has benefitted from contributions of successful alumni as well as corporate partners, yet donated funds represent less than 10% of the scholarships we award each year.  As a private university, we rely on tuition and donations for our operational expenses (we do not receive Swiss government subsidies, no individuals own the university).  Those who share our values and our objectives are invited to contribute.

Donate to contribute to our impact by giving to:

  • Academic Scholars Program (supporting student achievement and research through merit-based scholarships)
  • Financial Aid Funds (need-based grants and scholarships)
  • Targeted scholarship programs that benefit Refugees
  • Our Institutional Webster Centers for Programs and Research, including:
    • Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation
    • Webster MENA Center for Peace and Development
  • Specific research initiatives
  • Specific academic departments or program development

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